What We Do


We strive through voluntary action, for a world of empowered communities, better able to address human suffering and crises with hope, respect for dignity and a concerne for equity.


Strategic Aims 2020


1. Save lives, protect livelihoods, adn strengthen recovery from disasters and crises

2. Enable healthy and safe living.

3. Promote social inclusion and a culture of non-violence and peace.


Responsive & Focused


The Strategy 2020 defines our 4 Core Areas.


1. Promotion of the Movements Fundamental Principles

2. Disaster Prepardenedd

3. Disaster Response

4. Health and Care in the Community


What is Volunteering?


Volunteering is an activity that:


1. Is motivated by the free will of the person volunteering and not by a desire for material or financial gain.

2. Is intended to benefit vulnerable people and their local communities.

3. Is organized by recognized representation of the Guyana Red Cross.


Why is Volunteering Important?


• Volunteers have a community perspective.

• Volunteers can reflect on how to bring courage and compassion into the community.

• Volunteers can spend time with their beneficiaries, and give suggestions for service improvements and development.


How do I Become a Volunteer?


1. Indicate your interest to a Red Cross Staff Member

2. Fill a Volunteer Registration form

3. Attend a Volunteers Orientation & Training Programme, and sign a Code of Conduct.

4. Complete an assessment at the end of which you will be placed on the Official Volunteer List



Rights & Responsibilities


All volunteers have the Right to:


1. Choose to become a Member of the Guyana Red Cross

2. Have appropriate Training to be able to undertake their agreed tasks or role

3. Have the appropriate equipment provided to be able to undertake the agreed task or role

4. Accept or refuse any task


All Guyana Red Cross Volunteers Have the Responsibility to:


1. Act in accordance with the Seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and promote their dissemination.

2. Respect the Regulations on the use of the emblem and to prevent its misuse.

3. Strive and work for the highest standards of quality.

4. Sign to, and behave in accordance with the guyana Red Cross Code of Conduct for Volunteers.

5. Be available in an emergency

6. Respond to the needs of beneficiaries and strengthen their capacity for self-help and active volunteering.






   V aluable is the work you do.

   O utstanding is how you always come through.

   L oyal, sincere and full of good cheer.

   U ntiring in your efforts throughout the year.

   N otable are the contributions you make.

   T rustworthy in every project you take.

   E ager to reach your every goal.

   E ffective in the way you fulfil your role.

   R eady with a smile like a shining star.

   S pecial and wonderful- that's what you are.




















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