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What is the GRCS doing in Port kaituma?








The GRCS through partnership with the American Red Cross launched last September the Caribbean HIV and AIDS Prevention Project (CHAP) in Matarkai Sub Region, Region One - Port Kaituma, Falls Top, Arakaka, Baramita and Five Star.



Mark Holder - Field Officer, CHAP Project-Port Kaituma


Field Officers on the CHAP team have so far met with key stakeholders in each of these communities and formed steering committees in order to meet the objectives of the project.
Mark Holder - Field Officer on the Project noted that the accessibility of the committees is the greatest challenge they face . “we are encouraged everyday regardless of the challenges to continue education on the prevention of HIV and AIDS and condom distribution.” says Mark.















“Awareness and sensitization as well as being able to build relationships is what really creates the impact needed since some Amerindian communities do not believe in the use of condoms“, Quincy Fraser, Assistant Field Officer.


Quincy Fraser - Assistant Field Officer,CHAP Project,
Port Kaituma.

“There‟s been a lot of progress in the community, says Dyal Nannoo, Police Officer in Port Kaituma, some of our community members are trained in first aid now and they know that they need to be using safer sex practices and to continue educating their family and peers.





















A Red Cross Volunteer Distributing Condoms and information

on HIV, at a playfield in Port Kaituma





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