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Guyana‟s local celebrities took time out of the busy schedules to support the Guyana Red Cross Blood Drive in February. Soca artistes, Adrian Dutchin, Michelle Big Red King and Jumo Primo - NCN Radio Announcer Casual Armstrong and Nigel Worrell supported the blood drive by interact-ing with the donors, taking pictures and sign-ing autographs for donors.


Donors showed up in their numbers on the second Tuesday in February to help save lives as well as to get a glimpse of the local entertainers .
In 2011, the GRCS plans to do more, reach further with the blood recruitment programme.

Soca Artistes Michelle “Big Red” King &

Adrian Dutchin with donor.

Each quarter , different themes are used in order to attract new and young donors as well as to retain current donors.
In March , the GRCS Blood Recruitment team held meetings with several secondary schools on the East Coast of Demerara to speak on the importance of voluntary blood donations and safe blood.
Several students uttered I had no idea giving blood was this important, it could be someone I know that may need a blood type that might not be available. These meetings have even increased the number of youth within the GRCS Youth Group and potential Club 25 Members.






Blood Drive 10 May,2011






















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